puff, 2002
still images from continuous loop dual channel video
dimesnsions variable


Puff is a dual video projection. The projections appear almost identical, except for the difference of the blonde and brunette. Each woman is alone in her space, yet she is sharing an identical experience.

Two women lounge in a pseudo-glamorous pose that is typical of so many nostalgic film frames. The women lay on a white chaise lounge and smoke red cigarettes in elegant holders. Although, they attempt to recapture the essence of the classic film, it is performed with an awkward humor. The sped up looping action replaces the long smoking drawl, with the act of maniacally chain-smoking. The women appear anxious, frigid and mechanical.

The classical pose is paired with the minimalist setting. This combination is ambiguous in nature; void of specific time or place. It appears both retro and futuristic. The dynamic curvature of the lounge is accentuated by the mirroring of the imagery. Contrary to the typical scenario (dim lighting, plush furnishings) the performers lounge in a brightly lit, sterile, almost medical environment. This humorously compliments the idea of smoking the endless cigarette.

all images © Diana Shpungin & Nicole Engelmann 2000-2007